Is it really that long since I posted here? (And why are my comments only showing up as 8 when I know I've made WAY more than that! Anyway, I'm going to try and update my place here a little more regularly.

NEWS: First of all I'm thrilled to say the blog I run with Mary Ricksen, P L Parker and Mac Crown, The Author Roast and Toast been awarded the Cararmel Corner Selection and are featured in the Coffee Time Newsletter

We're thrilled to have this award and especially as irt is also a tribute to our dear friend and sister hostess Sharon Donovan, an amazing romance author who sadly passed away in April this year, after a second major heart operation. She loved The Author Roast and allowed her virtual butler, the charismatic Oliver, to moonlight and take part himself. He still makes a guest appearance, and the blog is now a tribute to Sharon. We're thrilled that she will have another book out soon. Watch this space, and her blog which I keep updated - I visited the US in May and joined up with Mary to meet Sharon's parents and sister, a lovely family just as one would expect.It was a wonderful experience although bittersweet, since we had originally been going to meet Sharon herself and she was so looking forward to it, but we certainly felt her presence.

Finally - an apology. I was the 'I'm Diggin' ahost for October, and although I tried on numerous occasions I just can not access the Coffee time page. I can get into the general Coffee Time Facebook page, but not the one where the 'I'm Diggin' question is hosted. I can get into any Facebook page except that one! I have no idea why!So I can only apologise to everyone who answedred the questions during last month. I'd normally have been there to respond so please don't think I just didn't bother, I did try. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the questions.

Have a good November and good luck if you're doing NaNo. I'm going to be using it this year to revise my current work in progress.