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    Cloud 9 I've got a great read for you this holiday weekend IF...

    Do you believe that there are no coincidences? Do you believe in soul mates and magic? Does spirituality break out of any box you've tried to put it in and envelop you with life and color and passion? In Starlight Key, I'm creating a world where good vs evil matters, where heroes struggle with the weight of their responsibility, where women find their voices and their power and when soul mates or twin souls find one another... magic ignites and the world is changed!

    If you've longed for more than a few pages of eroticism and a happily ever after, if a story with depth, passion and vibrancy calls to you, please give my work a look. Please join me on the journey that is Starlight Key! ~ Samantha Lucas

    Starlight Key Episode One is now available on Amazon for Kindle. Purchase it now and lose yourself in the world of Starlight Key.
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    From the creative vision of Samantha Lucas comes a new way of storytelling that is bold, dramatic and definitely sexy! The stories of Starlight Key are open ended, the lives of its residents intertwine, secrets and relationships unfold slowly over time. Get ready for drama, mystery, sexy immortals, villains you'll love to hate, Domination & Submission, men that will set fire to your soul and long drawn out love affairs! ~ Welcome to Starlight Key!

    For more information on Samantha and her novels, please visit her at

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