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    Default The Perilous Pumpkin Contest

    It's Pumpkin time again and I desperately need your !

    Whisper the witching cat has a contest for you at this hallowed hour.

    Following a weird dream I had the other night here are three pumpkins representing the three evil pumpkins in my dream that tried to hunt me down. There was Shotgunseed, Scythestalker and the most evil of all...

    And therein lies the problem. They refused to stop hunting me until I could name the third and most evil pumpkin -- or invested in a sixty pound bag of kitty treats. Whisper swears they have nothing to do with her! So the competition is to foil the cute little witch kitty and name the third pumpkin for me.

    If you would like to enter the contest, and there are a bunch of halloween trick and treat bags to be won. Leave a response here with your name for the evil pumpkin. And hopefully one of you will find the right name and scourge the evil pumpkin once and for all.

    Please try to save me and my bank balance from a fate worse than . Whisper has given me until Midnight EST on 31st October to find the name or the Pumpkins will be using me for pie!


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