My name is Alexander and I'm an addict. I'm addicted to blood. It's all I think about during my waking hours. I count down the minutes until my next drink. Oh, wait, didn't I mention that I'm a vampire? I didn't? Well, I am. I'm a one hundred and fifty year old vampire who loves the act of taking blood from an unwilling victim. It's my addiction.

Sure I could use my enhanced mental abilities in order to hypnotize a victim into becoming a willing participant, but what's the fun in that? I enjoy the hunt, the look of terror on my victim's face, and then the screaming and struggling when she realizes exactly what I am; a savage, blood-thirsty vampire! Until the day I met.....HER!

My name is Fiona Loupe (my family doesn't believe in middle names, so don't even ask) and I have an interesting birth defect. Don't look at me like that. I don't have two heads or three feet. I'm a Werewolf. Yes, I'm serious. I simply change into a wild beast for a few nights a month; nothing more. Well, it was nothing more, until Thanksgiving night--the night that my pack turned on me and I was killed by my chosen mate.

Chapter 1
It was about 9 o'clock on a dark, cold and windy November evening. I had just finished dining on a very lovely, little, blonde teenager whose screams were ear-piercing, much to my delight. She had apparently been out doing some last minute Thanksgiving Day shopping for her mother, whom shouldn't expect her to be home anytime soon thanks to me (no, she's not dead–just feeling very drained at the moment–pun intended).

When I came upon her in a grocery store parking lot, I decided it was a good time to have a snack. When will these current day teenagers realize that they should always be aware of their surroundings late at night? Ah, what difference does it make to me? I love anyone who is out late at night and available for a quick bite to eat.

As I was saying, it was a dark, cold and windy November evening and I was feeling very relaxed and playful after a nice dinner out. The streets were empty except for the occasional car speeding home from a last minute errand. Everyone was at home getting ready for a day filled with binging on the carcasses of nasty little birds. I was enjoying the peace and quiet when all of a sudden I got a whiff of the strangest scent.

The scent wasn't anything that I had ever discovered before, so I wasn't too sure what sort of creature it could be coming from. It wasn't quite human, but it wasn't exactly animal either. The scent was similar to a wet dog scent with a touch of... What is that–coconut and peaches? How strange! I decided to investigate this interesting new scent, so I followed my nose around the corner of the Shop 'N Go gas station, and there she was–the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen.

She was tall, maybe two inches shorter than my six-foot frame, and she couldn't weigh more than one hundred and fifty pounds. Of course her weight made no difference to me, after all I am a vampire who can bench press two thousand pounds. She had the most beautiful rich molasses-colored brown hair. It hung down her back in large, wavy curls. Her hair was so shiny and smooth that I had to fight the urge to fly right up to her and grab a handful just to see if it was as soft as it looked.

This beautiful creature had a figure to die for–if I hadn't already been dead. She reminded me of the women from my past; full-figured with lovely curves. I've always loved curvy women. I have yet to figure out why modern-day women strive to be as thin as a walking stick. There's nothing healthy about being frightened that you will fracture a bone from hugging one of these women too tightly. Why would men like that?

She wore an emerald-colored dress that, even in this dim light, I could tell matched her twinkling eyes. The dress flowed down her body like the molasses that her hair resembled. Over the dress, she was wrapped in a black sweater jacket that was belted at the waist. That belt just made her curvy hips even more prominent. Her skin was a healthy shade of brown, even though it was winter, and she had a lovely beauty mark above the right corner of her red lips.

I was drooling just standing there and I knew in that moment that I had to find out everything about this creature. I needed to know who she was, what kind of person she was and if she would love me. Love me?! Am I going insane? I'm a vampire, damn it, and I don't need anyone to love me! I am Alexander the Vampire! Love be damned! Then I heard her complaining under her breath, because she couldn't get her car door to unlock, and all of my resistance just melted away. I had to have her. She had to be mine!

She finally got her keys to unlock the door on her black car and she hopped in as fast as she could. It was like she could sense my presence, but that can't be possible–humans could never sense my presence. That could explain the strange scent that emanates from her. Maybe she wasn't a simple human after all.

I realized that she was pulling away–so fast that the tires squealed under the pressure–and all I had been doing was standing at the corner staring at her. I took to the sky (yes I can fly, I am a vampire after all) and followed that lovely creature. I had to learn everything about her that I could and I wouldn't allow my day, uh, night dreaming to prevent that.

I flew high above her black car while she drove down Main Street and then turned left onto Fourth Avenue. She then made a right into a group of very nice and expensive-looking brick townhouses. Once I saw her pull the car into her two-car garage, I floated back down to earth and then watched as she closed the garage door behind her. She apparently lived in the very first townhouse. It was two stories with a beautiful bay window on the bottom floor. The top floor had a balcony with double French doors.

I peeked into one of the first floor windows and saw a beautifully furnished living room full of Victorian style furniture, dark blue plush carpet and several expensive looking paintings. I'm not an art expert so I don't know exactly how expensive the paintings were, just that they looked pretty pricey. Oh, there she is, my lady love. What am I saying?! Sheesh!

I must find out this lovely creature's name. She headed up the stairs to the second floor, so I flew up to the balcony doors to take a look. She came into the room–which turned out to be the master suite–flicked on the bedside lamp and began taking off her jewelry. After removing her earrings and necklace, she stopped and slowly turned until she was looking straight at the French doors, which happened to be exactly where I was standing.

************************************************** **************

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