Three months 'till christmas eve is nigh
and I'm feeling rather hot.
It's not the fire that's banked so high
but the where, withall, the what!
I met the hunk, who lives next door,
he conquered with a kiss
and asked me if I wanted more --
a night of total bliss.
Then took the ribbon from my hair
and he tied it in a bow
I will not say exactly where,
But he tied it kinda low.
He told me that I'd get it back
This coming Christmas night
when pleasure I would have no lack
beneath the twinkling lights,
And now I'm warm and wet just waiting
For this Christmas day to come
and aquiver with anticipation
until the bow's undone,
For I can't stop thinking, let me say
of his "treasure" firm and fine
And knowing that on Christmas day
the whole of it is mine