The woman had first caught Shari’s eye making several trips from the water, where every once in a while she would wade in up to her knees and splash herself to cool off before heading back to her boldly striped pink and navy blue beach towel. She wore a conservative one-piece tank suit in a pretty aquamarine with a scooped back and a high front neckline. The shape of the suit complimented her perky breasts, her curvy hips and muscular thighs. Not the thighs of a swimmer, though, more of a runner or a perhaps a cyclist.

Today, Shari watched as the woman in the aquamarine suit walked barefoot through the hot sand. She’d started at one end of the curved beach and was making her way slowly toward the other, walking on her toes or the sides of her feet, and occasionally sticking her arms out for balance as she attempted to avoid the inevitable obstacles that were typical of all of the beaches on the Sound. Sea-rounded rocks and pebbles, small sharp shells, and sun-dried seaweed littered the high tide line and every one of these things had at one time or another bruised and cut the bottoms of Shari’s feet as well. She could sympathize, though by this late in the summer the soles of Shari’s feet were toughened to nearly everything the beach could throw at her.

She turned her attention back to the water. It was a hot day and quite humid, as mid-August tended to be on the Cape. Shari herself wore a red sports tank suit, with a racing back and the universal, white lifeguard cross on the front left shoulder. She liked it because it crisscrossed neatly between her shoulder blades in the back and was secure enough in the front that she didn’t have to worry about scandalizing the tourists. Sometimes though, like today, like right now, she wished she was wearing something a little more revealing. Something that would get her noticed.

When she glanced over at the high tide line again and didn’t find the subject of her curiosity, she looked farther up the sand. Ah, a low neckline wasn’t going to be necessary, it seemed. Just a First Aid kit.


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