Make Me Burn


Itís been months since Wes Dumont laid eyes on Jayce Santana. Since Jayce kissed him and then left town without a word. Wes tried hard to put the tattered pieces of his heart back together, but another failed relationship makes it clear heís nowhere near over Jayce. Now Jayce is back, once again tilting Wesí world on its axis and setting his blood boiling. All the anger and resentment doesnít hide the hunger, but Wes has been burned before and heís grown wary of Jayceís intentions.

Jayce has been running, from Wes and himself, denying the future he sees in the depths of Wesí eyes. His past still haunts him, but heís back, ready to fight. Ready to claim Wes the way he should have. Only Wes isnít making things easy. Both men just may go up in flames before Jayce convinces Wes heís playing for keeps.

Evernight Publishing
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Book #1 Make Me Sweat (m/f)