To show you how busy I've been, my second novel, The Tesserene Imperative, debuted on October 10th and I didn't even think to announce it until now.

It's presently available in ebook format (USD$5.00) on the publisher's web site ( and After that, it'll be published in trade paperback format and offered via

Here's the book blurb:

It was supposed to be a routine prospecting mission, but something went wrong.

With 43 billion souls crammed together on Mother Earth and using up natural resources at an unsustainable rate, the essential minerals that support human civilization are in desperately low supply. Tesserene, the mineral that makes starflight travel possible, is especially critical. Without it, humans are effectively imprisoned on their home world.

When prospecting ship Shamu is almost destroyed in a distant asteroid belt, Swede Johansen and rest of the crew of five is left with three days of air, little water, a smashed starflight drive, and no hope of rescue. It will take every ounce of ingenuity and stubborn pigheadedness they possess to find a way to survive.

Assuming they do find a solution, the ultimate jackpot awaits them in the shadows of a distant moon—if the galaxy doesn't kill them first.