Can you believe the holiday season is here? I canít. I look back over the year and wonder where the days went. It seems I was just taking down last yearís tree and putting the decorations away. The entire year has been a whirlwind of activity, with some lazy days mixed in.

As I look back over the year, I am most thankful for my family and home, my friends and for my career. I do enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. Iím not rushed in the mornings getting my son ready and off to school. Iím here when he comes home in the afternoon, and Iím here when he has fall, winter and spring break. My mom was the same as me, a stay-at-home mom. I realize now how much that meant to me, her being there, because the same is true with my son. He may not say it, but he does like me being at home and not having a 9-5 job that takes me away from him.

I also like being home for the hubby. If he needs something during the day, I can bring it to him. Or join him for lunch. Or spend the day with him when he has time off from work. And when Iím not mom and wife, Iím writer. I can invest as much time as I want with my story and characters, or I can remove that cap and catch up with friends. I set my own schedule and pretty much stick to it, except for these few weeks when I enjoy the season and its festivities.

Spring, Summer and Fall find us with more on our to-do lists. Yard work immediately comes to mind, which is why the past few years I have grown to appreciate winter. From the comfort of my couch, I can look out a frosted window and watch the snow fall. And if itís really cold, I can curl up beneath a blanket and turn on the fireplace. Best of all, I get to spend the nights with my family watching movies. This time of year, we pull out the stack of holiday DVDís and enjoy our favorites while munching on popcorn and other treats I really donít need but enjoy. With soft lights glowing from the Christmas tree, the night takes on a magical feeling. Another memory made to be fondly recalled at a later date. I wouldnít have it any other way.

So let the snow fall. Cuddle with your family. And however you celebrate, Have a Wonderful Holiday Season. Iíll see you next year.