I'm feeling pretty Santa-ry right about now!

What woman doesn't love to see big, strong men with a child in their company? Most women experience a rush of satisfying emotions: from warmth and compassion to yearning and desire.

Which are you?

Meet two such big, strong men capable of shelving their rough and tumble personas tocare for the little ones of their love interests.

Mike Masterson is a tall, dark and ruggedly handsome cowboy truckerwho owns an independent trucking company. He possesses all the tools necessary to come to Veronica's aid in Cutieand the Cowboy Trucker.

Jack Connolly is a tall, light and manly handsome helicopter mechanic. His true vocation harbors the skills necessary to fight in Mesha's defense in Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Plunge into their compassionate and touching interactions with the little tots.

Tell me. What qualities did you like about Mike and Jack? Leave your comments.
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I'm feeling pretty Santa-ry right about now. So, come on over!

Big Strong Men Caring for Sweet Little Tots

Mickie Sherwood
~~Sweet,spicy romance – a heartbeat away~~