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    Thumbs up One Battle Lord's Fate, Book 4 of the Battle Lord Saga

    OBLF800.jpgOne Battle Lord's Fate
    Book 4 of the Battle Lord SagaA
    sensuous sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, futuristic fantasy romance novel
    by Linda Mooney
    Word Count: 75.6K
    Now available at Amazon and All Romance eBooks, and Barnes and Noble

    On their first anniversary, Yulen is making plans to surprise Atty with a celebration unlike anything she's ever experienced. All of Alta Novis is preparing to honor their Battle Lord and Lady with pomp and pageantry never before seen.

    Representatives from Wallis and West Crestin are expected to attend, as well as Battle Lords from other neighboring compounds. Word has spread for miles, attracting well-wishers and the curious to make the journey to join in the festivities.
    News of the couple has also reached the ears of the Battle Lord of Alta Seran. And for the first time in his life, he is determined to win back what is rightfully his by birth. What's more, he will see to it that the treaties forged with the Mutah compounds are destroyed forever.

    Before the week is over, Rafe D'Jacques will become the new Battle Lord of Alta Novis, even if he
    has to kill his half-brother to own it. And Atty... Well, everyone knows that the only good Mutah is a dead Mutah.

    Contains a reckless teenager, a doll with button eyes, devious guests, unrequited love, feast or famine, torture, a week long festival, assassination attempts, hellish relatives, tannic acid, and a three-way attack by fire, coup, and Bloods that could leave Alta Novis in ruins.
    Attached Images
    Award-Winning and Best-Selling
    Sensuous Romance
    with a
    Sci-Fi, Paranormal, or Fantasy Flair!

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