Like Slow Sweet Molasses

#2 Hot Seller!

Mainstream Romance:Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Editor: Raven
Line Editor: Julia Roberts
Word Count: 93,466

Pages: 448
Release Date: January 10, 2013

Teacher Angela Munso has lost control—of her spiraling life. She can control the fallout of recent news from whose loins she sprang as easily as she can her heart’s pitter-patter. To have feelings for a man who is everything she now wants to hate? That’s the last straw!

Lt. Brock "Chance" Alexander’s arrogance baits Angela. And—he knows it. It’s never so obvious to him as when she lobs that insulting phrase at the side of his head. She pushes all of his hot buttons. But, there’s one he dares her to touch—the one that pushes him out of her life.

“Are you coming in for a few minutes?” Angela asked Chance once they arrived at her door.

“I shouldn’t,” he declined.

“I guess you’re right. What’s the point? This so-called relationship failed its first test.”

“That’s not the way I see it, Angela.” Chance cut the motor but stayed on the bike. “We’re both afraid of circumstances beyond our control. I’m more than certain I want you,exclusively, in my life. I’m just not certain you feel the same about me…and my profession.”

“I’ve confessed to having a humongous crush on you, Chance. An infatuation that supersedes all the anguish I’ve experienced in my lifetime. What would I do if you’re mortallywounded?” Her eyes closed at the thought and opened to him closing in for a kiss.

Chance relished the closeness as she melted in his arms accepting his affection. The kiss would have to last him several days for his next mission, assigned to him months before meeting her, would take him away from her and out of the state. He held on imprinting the feeling into his heart, rebelling at the thought of releasing her. “I’m going to walk away, now. I won’t be responsible for what might happen next in this relationship if I enter behind those doors.”

“I can tell,”she quietly admitted, her own passion rising. “Can I say something and you won’t think I’m easy?”

“I would never think that about you, Angela.”

“I’m glad you refused my offer to come inside. Lately, my will isn’t my own when I’m so close to you.”

He hoped she felt that way if she learned of his omission to inform her of his call to duty. If everything went according to schedule, she’d be none the wiser.

“Then, there is hope for us.” He drew from her well of sweetness once more, mounted his bike and left the words, “I’ll call you,” in the wind as he drove away.

Will Angela and Chance chance a break-up?

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