A double whammy this week due to the fact that I was unable to get online last week (blame the snow).

Which means there will be two different excerpts from different stories:

Excerpt Number 1:

Clue: Not all fires are hot

Excerpt: The trail ahead was dark. Now that she was in the forest, she could no longer see the ground in front of her. Stumbling, she fell, her foot catching on a tree root. Crying out in pain, Alice forced herself to get back up and continue to run. In the distance dogs barked, and she could hear the sounds of her pursuers breaking through the undergrowth.

Straining to breathe, Alice ran on, stumbling at almost every step. Moving through the forest was hard going, every movement causing sharp pains to shoot through her bare feet. Sweat dripped into her eyes, making them sting and her vision blur. Wiping it away didn’t help, yet she kept on running.

Excerpt Number 2:

Clue: Some moulds need breaking

Excerpt: The wax ran in slow rivulets down Ruby’s stomach. She moaned, unable to restrain herself, the movement causing more of the wax to run down. Although her eyes were closed, she could sense Dalton. As he moved closer she waited, desperate to feel the hot wax poured on her again.

Her eyes opened to slits as the colourful wax splashed onto her belly. Droplets splattered her breasts, the wax cooling rapidly, pulling at the skin it covered. Another moan escaped Ruby’s lips. Dalton smiled at her.

“You like that, my love?”

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