God, Man and Creation
I've passed beyond this world and experienced worlds greater in number than all the grains of sands on all the beaches of the world. I have bathed in the truth of the living waters, found eternity in the moment and seen the universe in a grain of sand. All imaged boundaries faded in to a forgotten dream. Through the eternal spirit, the totality of creation has been revealed to me.
I was fed Nirvana from the open hand of the Great Buddha, awoke to the dawn of the Christ Spirit, bowed in prayer with the Prophet Mohammed at an eternal sunset, meditated in the garden of creation beside Lao Tzu, and was guided to the Great Hall of Souls by Upanishads, Keeper of the collective consciousness of man. Freed of all earthly chains, my soul transcended.
Beyond the veil of the material world, laid worlds of freely interpenetrating spectrums of light energy emanating from a vibratory essence. Starting with a creative pulsation of divine volition, man begins his journey into being. Down through the spiritual, astral and material planes he descends. This emanation of light grows dimmer and dimmer as the soul descends to the low levels of consciousness. Finally, the eternal substance becomes manifest in earthly clothing.
Man's manifestation on the material plain is part of the divine process of creation, where life acts upon life to eternally perpetuate itself. All becoming all. Essence preceding existence. The One becomes the many without losing any part of itself. The Whole is present in all of it parts as the part is present in the Whole. As the light of creation resides in man, man possesses a gushing fountain of unconditional potentiality.
Sadly, in the lower conscious state, he remembers not his wholeness, his oneness with all of creation. Instead, he remained trapped by the very tools he uses to view the world. His logical mind aided by the sensory organs spits his reality, casting him afloat in the waters of life.
Most souls are held under the siren's lure of the five senses. The enlightened; however, see with mystical eyes, hear with ears born of the immaterial, and feel textures of countless variety. Their awareness encompasses the astral side of the five senses as well as a sixth and seventh senses. The sixth-sense exist as intuition and the seventh as thought transfer. Everyone has these synchronistic experiences at one time or another, but lacking knowledge of the cosmic laws of the universe, they brush them off as coincidences or unexplainable phenomena.

Some heightened souls, while on earth, cultivate their spiritual nature, surpassing the use of the five senses to achieve extraordinary vision. These souls may either use their powers for the good of the planet or for selfish enterprises thus inviting calamity and lost of power. By giving in to their bestial nature, these few retard humanity's spiritual restoration.
They act as false prophets (betraying God and man) steering humanity away form there light of truth. Their world is flooded with negative thought-forms that vibrate at base frequencies. Humanity is then held in the grips of perpetual slumber. He is unable to awaken to the eternal sunrise and his rightful place in the universal order.
These thought-forms fasten man's linear perception of the past, present, and future. His time machine provides a spatial and temporal corridor that plays host to his object reality. At the center of his imaginary universe is his created self, his ego self.
In the ego dominated world, man's lower nature rules supreme. Believing that he exist as apart of yet apart from all of creation, man ignores his immortality and wages all out war against what he perceives to be a treat to his continued existence.
The ego nature is exclusively concerned with the finite world, a world of objectives. The ego's council is false. It whispers words of deception in man's ear as he sleeps. He assures man that the dream is reality and reality is but a dream. The words describe a world of boundaries and separation. From the initial separation of man and divinity, a myriad of boundaries emerge to imprison him. The human personality then governed by categories of limitation beginning with the supposed separation of matter and energy.
Earth's scientist are beginning discover what mystic sages have known for eons. Matter and energy are two different sides of the same coin. At the very essence, this dichotomy (as with all others) is the Great Void discernible in the physical robes of duality and multiplicity.
Here lays the ontological keys to the celestial doors of divinity. Unlocking the door, an ever existing and ever reaching sea of pure energy that is existence is revealed. Man's oneness with all of existence is discovered. With this illumination comes the power to cure the sick, transformed smoke to stone, or transcend the time-space continuum. All things are possible in this elevated state of consciousness.
Others cannot let go. They are held in the hellish grips of the demons of their own mind.
Not even the fellowship of the Doves can reach them in these dark, putrid dungeons of the ego-mind's creation. They may be reincarnated but, only to begin again below evolutionary stage of a man. That soul will have to circumambulate up through the sublevels of the material plane.
Life acting upon life creating a cosmic helix spiral. The helix is composed of a cosmic substance emulating from the living intelligence in the hologramic medium of sub-atomic particles. This atomic singularity is the source of all matter, including the body of man, and is the buttress of objective reality.
Souls that have suffered great guilt or pain on earth may relive those experiences, and thus reviving those emotions. Sorrow and self-loathing may descend upon those who have taken a life or inflected great pain on others. He or she has to learn to let go of the terrible wrongs. Before they can ascend to higher levels within the astral plane, they have to forgive others as well as themselves. These thoughts weigh heavy on the soul, and cause it to resonate at a lower frequency. Reincarnation may be the only way for them to work through and overcome the thoughts of pain or suffering that impedes their progression. Some may live out several lives before accomplishing them.

While the astral plane is mutable and altered by the power of thought, the soul cannot be fooled like the mind, which may be tricked into mistaking a lie for the truth. One by one the illusions of sins or mistakes and the self-condemnation that surely follows, must be brought into light of truth. There they are banished forever from all planes of existence. On the higher sub-levels of the astral plane, thoughts flow in melodious accord with the rhythm of creation. The eyes of the soul enjoy misty waterfalls, dazzling sunrises, placid gardens and wondrous mountains vistas.
To speed their journey to the phases beyond the astral plane, some higher souls serve other souls who are confined by their thoughts to grosser levels. When the angels of light drives out the last vestiges of darkness, these souls transcend into the casual plane of consciousness, pure consciousness.
Awaiting them on the casual plane is still subtler energy levels where even thoughts and memories are no longer needed. The soul may choose to exist as an eternal thought, an eternal scintillation of light from the ethereal Sun, or enter the dreamless sleep of Avatar. By letting go of ideation, the soul is freed from the last feelings of insufficiency, limitation, and finitude. Letting go of the memories of mortality, the soul is free to exist as a divine thought even after dissolution. Oceans of light envelope the soul. All desires and cravings are gone, because the objects of all one's fears are dissolved. The illusions that accompany finite thoughts are shattered and dispelled from the boundless province of the soul.
Beyond the initial stages of the casual plain are the seven eternities. Mother, beyond this man cannot conceptualize or visualize. It is beyond his imagination or speculation. All that I can tell you is the living presence assures that everyone achieves happiness in the end and all creation works to that end."