I set out to be a writer in 1997, knowing what I wanted to write, but aware that I had to learn my craft first. In many ways, The Sapphire Sea is the culmination of my efforts. A contemporary sea story told with a verity that other seamen can nod their heads at as they read.

Coasting was the penultimate step, a sea-going romance set in the real world of Australian coastal shipping, but its heroine was Julie. The Sapphire Sea itself is the heroine of this tale, an aging anchor-handling supply boat on her final days in the Timor Sea, the people who sail in her and the women who wait onshore. The closest book I know to this is Sebastian Junger's "The Perfect Storm" and this story has less technical errors.

This raises the question of where to submit the story?

Till now, I have written for specific publishers, tailoring my stories to their needs, using their editors to polish my craft. The Sapphire Sea is aimed at a different audience and I am back to my beginnings.

Wish me luck!