Darien Cox's "Edges"


When Shanti attempts to ski an icy black diamond trail beyond his ability, he suffers a major wipe out, shooting off into the woods and injuring himself. But when a stranger who's been watching him scrambles off the trail to help, he meets Mick Paulson, native Vermonter and the most gorgeous man Shanti has ever seen.

Smitten with the alluring stranger, Shanti asks him for date, but quickly learns his brawny rescuer isn't exactly the dating type. But then Mick offers him a compromise. He's willing to give a full scale, romantic dinner a try, if Shanti agrees to venture into Mick's world for a night -- a place where lust runs high and inhibitions run low.

Through this bargain, they both learn where their edges lie, and what happens when they step beyond them.

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