Through the mist, across the water, lies an island steeped in mystery and secrets where an epic battle of light and dark rages within a spiritual realm separated from ours by a curse. A curse that divided a God from her creation and trapped lovers on opposite sides of the barrier. On Starlight Key, that barrier grows precariously thin while a legend of portals that link earth to other places in time and space draws a small crew looking to free their world from it's own battle by restoring the four sisters of Jaquar to their rightful places in the galaxy.

Starlight Key is a place where sex transcends the holy realms and eroticism is intensely spiritual. There is a magical power, awakened only when twin souls unite that brings balance to the unseen layers of our world, calming the grieving mind and healing the tortured heart, fusing in the most powerful physical bliss anyone will ever know.

You will find immortals, witches and vampires hiding in the shadows of Starlight Key, each with their own stories, but most importantly, Starlight Key is a place where true love always wins and twin flames ignite the magic that brings light out of the darkness, heals the deepest wounds and makes heroes out of ordinary men and women.

Starlight Key blends the best of fairy tale romance, paranormal intrigue, kink, and sci-fi adventure in an ongoing tale of good vs evil where nothing is ever exactly as it seems

Episodes 1 and 2 are available now on Amazon and the serial is also available in subscription format through the website