I've been nominated for The Next Big Thing by Andrew Richardson What an honor from a great writer of erotic romance and supernatural horror. And Alice Gaines, prolific erotic romance writer that puts me to shame will stop by as well. In fact, I think I'll nominate her for The Next Big Thing!

Join Andrew, Alice and I here 2/2/13 for a 24 hour forum event talking about--our next big things!

We'll have some giveaways, chat about reading and writing in general and get some great Valentine gift ideas. I now have an Amazon Author Page and Amazon Sellers Account. If you order both Hot Chocolate Kiss and The Journey I will send them in a special gift box with chocolates and personalize them. Be sure to put your requests on the order form.

You can also contact me directly (info and excerpts are on my blog) for special orders and requests.

Hope to see you all here Saturday.