I am a great big fan of romance. When I was still in high school, I used to borrow Mills & Boon books from the library.

As I got older, I started reading vampire novels. L. J. Smith was a big part of that discovery, and The Vampire Diaries today is still a show that I very much enjoy watching.

The Sookie Stackhouse novels and TV show is probably the next logical step on that list, along with the well known Laurell K. Hamilton books.

However, if I were to have to choose a favourite series of paranormal romance, I think I'd have to go with Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thomson series. So far, there are 6 books in that series (or maybe they are only the ones I have on my shelf so far.... are there any more, I wonder?) and all I know is that, whenever I finish one, I can't wait to get onto the next.

Patricia's books just seem so vivid. The characters, the plots, I definitely have the feeling that I am standing right within the world she has created. I love the friends she has, and the ways that those friends complicate her life. The way that each single book plot wraps up, while still leaving the reader wanting to know what happens next on the overarching plot.

Most of all, I like that someone else is writing those books, so that I don't have to figure out what to write next!

When I'm thinking of my novel Gothic, I think this is the series of books that I would like to be most like. There is a thread that's going to run through these books: Dahlia wants a normal life. The story of all the books is going to tell how she gets that. But, of course, there's going to be hurdles she's going to meet along the way, otherwise the book would be a single stand alone book. I don't plan to be writing Dahlia Noone books forever, but I reckon 6 or 8 of them is a good estimate at this point.

Obviously, if you're here, you have a passing interest in the romance or the paranormal romance novels. I'm curious to see what some of your favourites are. I'm constantly looking for new books to read.