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“Do you own a gun Miss Walker?”

Aiden noted just one telling movement from Sonja Walker; it was small, and he doubted anyone else in the room caught it. Just a tiny rub of her palm against her thigh under the table.

“No, I don’t. Guns scare the hell out me.”

Aiden winced as heat flashed up his spine, and the vision hit him like a Mac truck...

He was suddenly on a narrow dirt road surrounded by thick trees that reminded him of a tropical jungle. The air was a humid crush upon his body, and he felt a trickle of sweat break out and roll down his neck. The metallic smell of blood, and a sweet smell, unrecognizable to him, assaulted his nose simultaneously.

At the side of the road, thirty yards from him, a young woman was on her knees with her head bent over. Her long brown hair fell forward obscuring her face and partially covering the face of the man whose head lay in her lap. Her shoulders quaked with sobs as she caressed the young man’s face. There was blood on one of her hands. The man was unmoving; his chino clad legs sprawled out on the dirt in a deathly portrait.

The vision didn’t recede, so Aiden moved in closer to the woman.

A snarl made him pause and drew his attention to the right. From across the road three men, dressed in black and well-armed, advanced toward the grieving woman and the dead man in her arms.

When the trio paused in front of her, the man in the middle stepped forward. He held a handgun down at his side and had an automatic rifle slung over his shoulder. The stranger was silent as he looked down at the woman.

Aiden noted the man’s black hair was long and hung in loose strands over his
shoulders, but it was the man’s eyes which interested Aiden. Only seconds before, the stranger’s eyes were coal black, now they simmered with a neon green fire. The man clutched his gun in a furious grip, and a low snarling issued from him as his lean jaw tightened in anger.

The woman froze and slowly looked up. Aiden inhaled sharply. Her hair fell back, revealing a face damp with tears, her brown eyes filled with hatred and sorrow. The face was young and familiar...

A younger version of Sonja Walker offered a fierce look toward the male in front of her and spoke in a voice shaking with fury. “For as long as I live, know that I will hate you with all my being.” Fresh tears flowed, and she rocked back and forth, cradling the dead man in her arms.

The pistol whip was wicked fast, and when it met her cheek, Aiden’s whole body tensed, his fists clenched hard. Helpless though, he could only watch, caught within the vivid vision as she shook her head in reaction to the f*****’s retaliation. Aiden knew if this was in ‘now time,’ the bastard would be dead, simply dead. Instinctively a low growl emanated from his own chest. Something deeply primal, and protective, stirred inside of him.

The armed man flicked his feral gaze in Aiden’s direction, as if he’d sensed a presence. A look of uncertainty briefly passed over the man’s face...


Aiden was back in the observation room of Seattle’s Police Department, and Tom Reid was speaking to him. “Aiden, what is it? You okay?”

Aiden took a deep breath.

Reid persisted. “When I walked in, it looked like you’d checked out mentally there for a sec.”

Wiping his hand down over his mouth and chin, Aiden tried to compose
himself. He looked through the tinted glass into the interrogation room. The party was breaking up, Ellen had opened the door, and Sonja Walker was being escorted out of the room with her lawyer’s palm gently resting in the middle of her back.

It was totally unreasonable, the sudden territorial feeling regarding this woman with whom Fogel most certainly had been intimate. He wanted to rip apart any man who came near her, including her attentive lawyer. This was disturbing at best.

“Ah no, I was just sizing the woman up and thinking, that’s all.”

He hadn’t been thinking at all but reacting to the scene playing out in his mind, and his soaked dress shirt under his jacket was proof positive. Thank the Goddess the furnace that had cranked up inside him was now abating.

Ellen Parson opened the door and walked into the observation room. “Holy Jesus, it’s hot in here.” She closed the door behind her. Reid shrugged his shoulders and looked at Aiden, who was keeping his distance from the two of them by leaning against the one-way window.

“Well, what d’ya think?” the woman detective asked as she unbuttoned her jacket.