Valentine's Day is a few days away. Visions of heart-shaped candy boxes and bouquets of red roses immediately come to mind. So does a candle-light dinner in a cozy restaurant and Cupid with his little bow and arrow. Romance and love are what I write about, so Valentine's Day should make me feel excited and a little giddy; that one day a year when the hubby showers me with love and attention. While I look forward to flowers and dinner, it's not roses and a restaurant that bring on a rush of excitement. It's the little things he does during the year that make me feel special.

I've got a husband who fills my truck with gas every week. He cooks. He helps with chores. He grocery shops. He opens doors, carries packages and knows when to remain silent and just lend his presences. He's kind and has a good heart, and he works hard to provide for our family. It's the way he holds my hand and remembers to say 'I love You' at night that makes every day seem like Valentine's Day; qualities born in him that I put into my heroes.

My heroes are temperamental. They curse and fight, antagonize and are stubborn to a fault, but they always treat their heroines with respect. While they don't bring home flowers and candy every day, they do hold open doors and carry packages and help with chores. They know when to apologize after a disagreement, and how to do so sincerely. They're not afraid to show affection or tenderness, and just like my sweetheart of a guy, they encourage their heroines and show how much they care with thoughtful gestures—like the hubby putting gas in my car. Or as is the case of one of my heroes, making cold tea for his wife.

Valentine's Day comes and goes. But my guy is everlasting. He's here when I need him, even when I don't realize that I need him. And that's what make my heart go pitter-patter; his day-to-day dedication to our life together.

(A little early, but Valentine's Day will saoon be here.)