The passion between them isn't the only thing that's hot when a big-city girl rekindles a romance with her high school crush!

Dumped by her boyfriend and out of a job, Kendall Merriweather moves from LA back to her hometown in rural Idaho, hoping to sort out her life. When she needs a job, she goes to Outdoor Outfitters, one of the few businesses in the small town that’s hiring. She’s not crazy about live bait and arming hunters against poor defenseless animals, but there is one benefit—the owner is her high school crush, and even more gorgeous now than he was then.

Unfortunately, her fascination with Jason Maxwell results in one workplace disaster after another. He’s patient with her at first, but soon decides that what Kendall needs is a good sound spanking to help her focus on her job.
Kendall tells herself she’s a big-city girl who shouldn’t have to put up with getting a spanking from any man, so why does she get turned on by having a big, strong guy like Jason warm her bottom?

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