Army veteran Drew Presley will stop at nothing to fine the answers behind his wife's murder. But will those answers destroy the life he's made for him and his son? What deadly secrets lie in Gianni's Cove?

Drew heard laughter and glanced over to see Trudy and Jack walking toward the garage. He said something Drew couldn't hear, and Trudy punched him in the arm. Jack laughed again. Drew felt his stomach roll. What did she see in the guy anyway?

Why did seeing them together bother him so much?

"How's it coming along?" Jack asked, pausing next to his Harley.

Drew picked up a socket wrench and began tightening bolts, "Almost done."

"Thanks for the pizza, guys." He gave Trudy a peck on the lips. "And thank you for the delicious cake."

"You're welcome," Trudy answered with a smile that proved Jack Diamond was a very important part of her life.

"See ya, Jack," Reed hollered.

"Bye, Reed. Drew, it was good seeing you again."

"Yeah, you too."

Once Jack had gone, Reed got to his feet. "Can I go play with Mozart?"

"Seeing as how you haven't been much help, I suppose," Drew teased.

Reed chuckled as he walked off.

"I take it he doesn't share his father's interest in grimy engines," Trudy commented over his shoulder.

"Fortunately, he has his mother's intelligence, so hopefully he won't have to depend on working with his hands to make a living."

"I imagine some of that intellect came from you."

He shrugged his shoulder and gave one last turn of the wrench. "You wanna get in and give it a try?"


Seconds later, the engine roared to life. Drew swelled with pride. For him, there was no greater feeling than using his skills to build or repair something.

"Oh, Drew, she sounds wonderful. I don't know how to thank you enough for all your hard work."

"How about another glass of tea?"

"You got it." She started to turn then hesitated. "Oh, I made coffee if you would rather have it."

"Come to think of it, coffee does sound better. It'd go great with another piece of that cake." He threw in a smile to sweeten the pot.

She tossed him one back that was worth the sore knuckles.

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