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    Yeah Welcome!!!

    Welcome to my new forum here at CTR. I look forward to meeting and chatting with my lovely readers. I have subforums for my books, if you're looking for information on those, and subforums for David Cook and the greatest show ever, Supernatural, because I'm a total geek for them.

    I'd love to get to know my readers so stop in and introduce yourself!
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    Default Hola!

    *Ahem* No need to introduce myself since you already know who I am. Hey! In addition to David Cook and Supernatural subs, why don't you add a Sims 3 one as well? We can talk about the different exp, and what our sims are up to. If we're working on a legacy challenge. We can also post pics. Just a suggestion.
    Happy Reading

    "I've seen the error of my ways with Libraries. Borrowing and returning books? What's that about? That's like adopting a child and then returning him."-Jen
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    I totally should! I'll see if I can add another subforum. If not, we can juststart a thread right here.

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