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    Default DEAN or SAM? Who's Your Fave and Why? Post!

    DEAN. First off, Jensen Ackles is gorgeous. Second off, gotta love a tough guy that can shed a few tears every now and then. And he's hilarious.
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    Default Coin Toss

    I go back and forth depending on the episode. Sometimes Dean can be a real jerk, like a few episode ago when he sent that text to Sam and he thought it was that girl. Come on, that was horrible! But Sam does jerky things too. Sure, you can't really blame Sam for the jerky things he did when he didn't have a soul...but there are other things he's done while he's had a soul.

    So as of this last episode...I'm going to say Dean. For trying to give Sam a way out and for making delicious burgers, lol. I wanted one.
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    Man, this is a hard one. I'd probably go with Dean because he has dedicated his life to hunting, and always wants to protect Sam, even though he can be douchey sometimes - LOL!
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    Dean does bad things for good reasons

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