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    Another good (4 star) review for "Climbing Her Tower" by Lori Safranek:

    Remember that fairy tale, where Rapunzel is locked in a tower and she grows her hair so long, she can fling it out the tower window and a handsome prince climbs up to rescue her? Yeah, that is a great story. Sweet, charming, romantic.

    Elizabeth Black takes all that sweetness and romance and adds a whopping jolt of sex to create a really well-written erotic tale. Her sex scenes are intense and extremely hot. The prince in this version of the tale has a bit of a shaving fetish, which adds a little something to the story. And Rapunzel's naivete sets a perfect background for a seduction and romance that keeps the reader hooked in the story. I couldn't put this story down, read it all in one session.

    Black is a fine writer, but she is a master of the erotic scene. I would highly recommend this book.
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