Here's the second part of the characterization post-CharacterSketches>>
So how do you make sure youíve created someone whofits in with all of the above? SometimesI live with a character in my head for months before I sit down to write theirstory. Itís great because itís almost like getting to know them personally. Mytip is to have a notebook and when something comes to mind, jot it down. Youíllbe surprised how many times you can use it when youíre putting the storytogether. I also have a character sketch that I use. I store this on mycomputer and fill it in for each one. You can refer back to it as you write. Forsome characters who might even add more information and categories to suit thestory, but hereís my basic one->>
Characterís Name>>
Place of Birth>>
Where they live now>>
Parents still alive, yes or no>>
Happy childhood yes or no, if no, what happened?>>
Social and political beliefs>>
Involved in any groups? If so which ones?>>
Illnesses or accidents that impact their personality>>
Schooling, what did they study? >>
Past relationships, have they been engaged ormarried before?>>
Any children?>>
How do they feel about getting involved in arelationship at this point in their lives?>>
Problemsfor Characters>>
One thing that all books must have is conflict. Writing doesnít have any real rules but Ilike to think that the following is sort of one. Itís no conflict, no story, nostoryÖno sale.>>
Lack of conflict is one of the major reasons manuscriptsget rejected. Create well-rounded characters with problems that arenít easilysolved and youíve got conflict. Pair them against someone else with their ownproblem and an opposing conflict, and youíve got trouble. And yes, the makingsof a great story.>>
And to round off todayís topic, hereís an exercisethatís taken from my e-book How To Write A Romance Novel ->>
Think about a book youíve enjoyed reading. Maybeitís one of the keepers on your shelf. Now think about the characters in thatbook. What did you like about them? How did the writer portray them? How didthe author get you to identify, and maybe sympathize with them?>>
Ifyou have any questions about characterization feel free to post them. On Fridaycheck out my post on plotting the romance novel.>>