Here's my April article for the Mocha Memoirs Press blog:

Things You Don't Say To A Writer On A First Date


Let's say you're going out on your very first date with someone. For sake of argument, you're a guy and your date is female. You've reserved a table at a nice restaurant. You bought tickets for the latest hot action movie. A bouquet of spring flowers is sitting in your hot little hand.

The problem is - oh, my God! - you have to talk to her! What on earth do you say?

Here's the problem. She's a writer. You know little about writers except for your impression that most are insane alcoholics who live in garrets. You have no idea what to say to break the ice. Here are a few tips as to what to not say to a writer. If you say or ask any of the following you're likely to get a snarky response, like the first few examples.