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    writersblock Updates - How It's Going

    This month has been unreal. I never thought I would put a re-release up at Amazon and have it sell like it has.
    Moonlit Watcher has sold over 1000 copies in 12 days. I love this. It's the first step in a dream I've had my whole life: the dream to write fulltime, answering to no one but myself. Free to sleep all day and write all night, which just works better for me than conforming to normal business hours to hold down a job. I'm nocturnal. Always have been.
    I know I need to release more new material so I am working on a few projects. I was already working on a YA novel when I released Moonlit Watcher and I absolutely love this project. However, it will be released under "Rain Love" so I don't know if that is the right move for me now. I figure I should continue building up my real name of Crystal-Rain Love. However, I already have 7 released books under my real name. For some reason, Moonlit Watcher is the one that took off.
    Moonlit Dream is actually Book #1 in the Moonlit series but it hasn't sold anywhere near as many copies as Moonlit Watcher although it's the first in the series and is the same price. I don't get it. Is it because the heroine on the cover is Asian? Do Asian/Caucasian romances not sell as well as Black/White romances? Is it just that the Moonlit Watcher cover is so awesome people are grabbing it up based on that? Is it the writing in the preview?
    I don't know.
    I just hope that the 1000's of readers giving Moonlit Watcher a try come back for more of my stories, whether it be the novellas or full length; vampires, werewolves or cowboys; interracial or not.
    I like variety and I will continue to write a variety of work. I hope my readers will like this and this wonderful month not turn out to be a fluke.
    So ... I am working. I put in my 8 hours at the day job and I try to write as much as I can inbetween working the day job and caring for three kids. I hope it pays off, that I have more than one story reach the Top 10 and Top 100 charts on Amazon, and I can finally achieve my dream of working fulltime creating the stories I love to tell.
    Until then... Gosh, I wish I had more time to sleep.
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    You can sleep when you're dead.
    Happy Reading

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    I hear you. Three kids, a day job and trying to write when I can pretty much sums up my life too. It's amazing how the self-pub world has opened up new doors for authors these last few years and very inspiring how many of us are making a damn good living that way too!
    Keep moving forward and congrats on those great sales!

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    Thanks Debora

    Sorry for the delayed response. I've been locked out of the site but finally got back in.

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