Nova Chalmers' "Beauty"

Nila is a space-aged princess with a problem. Though she's managed to wrap her parents around her naughty little finger, palace life leaves a lot to be desired.

Her boredom finds an answer, however, when a group of royal-targeting pirates sneak into the palace. Nila's pretty sure they're up to no good, and she's almost certain she should trigger the alarm, but one look at their dashing leader leads her straight into trouble.

Before she can cry damsel in distress, she's in his arms and in danger of losing more than her heart. Abducted by pirates, caged like an animal, and falling fast for the rogue who caused it all, Nila might be thankful for the bars between them, but her body has other ideas.

J.D. Laurel's "The Edge of Loneliness"

Rachel is a farm girl who is unsure of her sexuality; Ellen is a successful real estate broker from Chicago who is struggling with a recent break up with her girlfriend.

A chance encounter in a cornfield develops into a loving relationship for them that seems to be the one true one, until Ellen's girlfriend returns, and what happens then propels Rachel and Ellen desperately close to the edge of loneliness.

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