Smut Alfresco is a celebration of sex in the great outdoors, and guess what? Yep, my story is set in the rain again! You can tell I live in Britain can't you? It's called Little Wonders and here's a taster:

“Come with me,” he said and pulled me along behind him. I liked how reluctant he was to let me go. “I’ll warm you up.”
I wasn’t sure where I was going, I just followed him down the passageway until we came to a groaning metal box, some kind of extractor I guessed.
“It’s the launderette, it’s always running and it’s always warm here.” He was right, I could feel the dry heat and smell a mix of washing powders on the air.
“Oh, that’s nice,” I moaned, shuffling closer, “thank you.”
“No worries,” he smiled, “anything for a pretty customer.”
I giggled. I don’t as a rule, hadn’t for a long time but David made me feel bubbly and light hearted. I especially liked the way his blue eyes sparkled when he looked at me.
We stood face to face, my hands in his for a few minutes. I wanted to speak, to lift the weight of the silence from our shoulders but I couldn’t form words, I was lost in the sparkle of his blue gaze and distracted by the pink plumpness of his lips. It was just as I wondered how they’d feel pressed against my own when, as if by magic, David leant forward and kissed me.
I couldn’t catch my breath, it was captured between his lips and I pressed harder against him to pull it back. His hands slipped around me, I clasped him to me, wanting to feel more of him than my huge coat would allow.
“Take it off,” he said when our lips parted, “I want to feel you.”
Crazy? Yes, I was and I knew it. I shouldn’t have followed a stranger’s commands so easily but I did. I took off my coat and dropped it to the floor. I stepped forward, but he put his hands on my arms and held me still.
“Another layer, I want to feel your skin.”
I gulped and watched him whip off his T-shirt. His chest was hard and lightly pink. His nipples dark and tempting, a smattering of hairs covered him like a soft down, calling to be touched. I turned off my brain and let my body take over. I removed my top. It was chilly at first, the wet atmosphere not totally overtaken by the hot air blasted from the launderette but as my top fell to the floor David had me in his embrace and I was soon heated up to boiling point.
“Gorgeous,” David breathed, stroking my back between kisses, “you’re absolutely gorgeous.” I didn’t reply, just ran my hands down his chest and pressed my lips to his again. I wanted him, despite the cold, the location and the risk of discovery, I wanted him. I continued to run my fingers down his body then under the loose waistband of his trousers.
Hope you enjoy!