Love the Sinner is nominated for Best GLBT 2012 in the Contemporary Romance category by The Romance Reviews! Voting is on now and goes til 3/31. I'd love your vote if you've read and loved Gabe and his Angel.

A notorious gang leader and an NYPD cop. An unlikely couple, but is it true what they say? Could Gabe hate the sin but love the sinner?

Detective Gabriel Ashby has never looked twice at another man, yet the criminal across from him, the man heís interrogating, isnít like any other. Gabe canít deal with the sudden, intense need he has for one of NYPDís Most Wanted. Everyone close to Angelo Pagan ends up dead, with the smug gang leader standing amid the rubble. Gabe would love nothing more than to bust Angeloís ass and lock him up. So why is he seeing the bastard in his dreams at night?

Angelo Pagan knows attraction to Gabe is suicide. Heís resolute to ignore the chemistryÖuntil a police raid goes wrong. He critically injures Gabe, changing the trajectory of both their lives. Now the two canít get close enough. They settle into a forbidden affair threatened by lies and betrayal, living on different sides of the law with no way of breaching the gap between them. With the authorities looking to make an example of Angelo, Gabe has to decide if itís really worth it to hate the sin but love the sinner.

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