Yup. Sometimes they're sweet and romantic, sometimes they're serial killers and most have raging hormone levels. *wink* Well, they do and it's not my fault. Talk to them about it. Swamp Magic, is more on the Sweet/Hot level. Its labeled on Amazon as 'sensual' In May an erotic horror gets released. Table for Three-Hold the Blood has mad serial killers and a lusty threesome trying to stop him before he stops them. I've got a brood of children, nutty animals and live in the deep south where my summer electric is more horror than I could ever write about. Odd notes about me. I've been on a talk show, and have been nailed 3 times by poisonous spiders. Two Brown Recluses and one Black Widow. Let me tell you, 'she' doesn't play. The 2 browns were nothing compared to that little bit_h. Did I mention I'm terrified of them? They don't have to bite...let me see one on me and I become Jackie Chan. Well, that's me. Who are you and how are ya?