Very happy to report that my editor let me know this morning that BETRAYED is up on Amazon!

If you read and enjoy BETRAYED please consider leaving a review at Amazon and/or Goodreads. It really does help when it comes to the mystery that is Amazon's algorithms in giving a book visibility on the site :-)

I also received an awesome reader review from Ben on Goodreads:

"Christina certainly didn't disappoint, especially after having to wait for so long. This book was just... wow. Amazing, the descriptions were vivid, usually I have trouble trying to keep focused on a book and get distracted. But not this time, the whole book played out like a movie in my head a very action packed, sexy, erotic movie. Everything from their first meeting to the first love scene was fluid and very rich and detailed. You could really connect with these characters and the surprises she had along the way, I'm glad we don't have to wait another two years for book four which is going to be just as good"