Can you believe it's almost Easter? It seems I was just putting away the Christmas decorations. The days certainly go by fast this time of year. Everyone is anxious for the warm, pleasant days of spring, because right around the corner is summer. Picnics, vacations, kids splashing in the backyard pool, or running through a sprinkler; those hot, lazy afternoons meant for sipping iced tea on a porch swing. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I love Easter. Not so much the candy, but I do enjoy coloring eggs and decorating the house, opening the windows and letting in a cool breeze. I especially enjoy mass. The church is decorated beautifully and the little girls look pretty in their new dresses and bonnets and white shoes. It's a time for celebration, for counting blessings and being thankful for family and friends. To live in the moment and not worry about the past or the future. It's the joy on a child's face when he/she finds an Easter basket, or when he/she cracks the shell on a brightly colored egg.

The hubby and I have had many happy Easters with our son. When our son was little, he'd race through the house, searching behind furniture, in cabinets and closets, for a basket. (Actually, he got two. One was from Grandma.) Once he found the basket, the hunt was on for the eggs. And wherever he went, the dog was right behind him. Rippy would follow after my son, watch him find an egg and pick it up and then two would proudly take it to the kitchen. Then the hunt was back on for more eggs. It really was comical to watch a dog search for eggs, especially eggs he wasn't getting for a treat. But Rip did, year after year, patiently, loyally. And then he'd want his own Easter treat.

Nova doesn't hunt for eggs. She'd rather have a biscuit and a couch to lay on. She might sniff a basket of candy, but Easter isn't for her. She prefers Christmas, and will sit patiently and quietly by the tree until someone gives her a treat from her stocking. And she'll watch my son open gifts.

I'm truly blessed in that my son will have two great memories to carry him through adulthood. Rip helping him find Easter eggs and Nova opening Christmas presents.