Here's another excerpt. This one's a bit hotter so 18+ only please:

His muscles relaxed as a plan formed in his head. Wining and dining weren’t all she needed. He had to be smart about this. Genie was a mature woman with a full life and a marriage already behind her. What could he do to intrigue her?

The image of her naked on the same sheets he was resting on popped into his head. He groaned as his cock slowly filled again. He took a deep breath before circling his erection with one palm. The other hand rested on his thigh as he closed his eyes to think of Genie.

“Fucking beautiful…”

Her hair had been like silk against his arms as he surrounded her. What he had initially mistaken as solid brown eyes actually held specs of gold. Her lashes and brows were darker than the hair on her head, making it seem as if she wore eye makeup. However, once he was up close he could tell she wore nothing more than ChapStick.

With a groan he let his imagination flow down the length of her body. Her breasts were a perfect handful and he had spied a small mole on the side of each one. He would kiss every mark on her body the next time he had her beneath him. Her brown nipples were just the right size for suckling and he vowed to do more of that next time too.


His fist clenched as he increased the pressure on his cock. With his other hand he grabbed his balls and rolled them gently. That was another thing they had yet to explore. She’d barely touched him. Her palms had been silky smooth. Just the memory nearly made him come. She’d been so timid, so careful.

“Not next time.”

No. Next time he would put her on her knees and take her from behind. He couldn’t wait to hold that perfect ass in his hands. He would spank it lightly and rub his cock all over the light-pink marks. Would she like that? He sensed she would like being handled a little rough but not too much. She was his sweet angel and he would never hurt her. But the thought of securing her wrists to his bedposts had pre-cum leaking
from the head of his cock. He moaned and slipped his hand over it to spread the moisture down his length. It wouldn’t take much more now.

So what would he do with Genie if she let him tie her up? He moved his fist faster
and gently tugged on his balls. He was so close. An image of Genie spread-eagle on his bed, hands and ankles tied with silk scarves as her naked skin glowed beneath candlelight, entered his mind and stayed there. Yes, that was it. He would tease her with a feather first. Maybe a piece of ice to harden her nipples. Then he would run it over her clit and use his tongue to warm her back up.