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Abruptly, the dispatcher opened a door interrupting Katherine's daydreaming. Seated inside, a heavy-set man in a sweat-stained sheriff's uniform talked on a telephone.
The dispatcher announced, "This lady said her brother killed a kid." With those callous words, the dispatcher waved Katherine into the office, and returned to her duties.
Sheriff Norris replaced the phone and scratched his five o'clock shadow. "Have a seat." He nodded toward a chair.
Still shocked by the dispatcher's coldness, Katherine took in the room while easing onto a chair. It had a large wooden desk, two hard-back wooden chairs, one telephone, and an overhead ceiling light. The prison-like chamber had one small window, minus air.
After lighting a cigarette and wiping sweat from his double chin, the sheriff asked, "Okay. What's this about a dead kid?"
Fearing her brother's reaction to her betrayal, Katherine chose her words cautiously, "My brother, Jessie Ellis, confessed to killing his son, Charlie . . . and burning his remains in the back yard." Having got all that out in one breath, she sat back, releasing a heartfelt sigh.
The lawman lifted his bushy brows. Through a thick cloud of smoke, he asked, "Your brother admitted to killin' his son?"
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