Murder Most Foul is a four story anthology and available at:

The sheriff removed a tape recorder from his antique oak desk, and clicked it on. His large fingers left fingerprints on the dusty device. "Okay, Miss. I need to record this."
Once he recorded the time, date and location, and she recorded her name and address, Norris said, "Now, Mrs. Sims, tell me your story from the begin’n‘.”
Going over the lurid tale for the sheriff brought back everything . . . all the heartbreak and uncertainty . . . all the full emotional impact of its verification. Sniffling into her tissues, sometimes sobbing uncontrollably, Katherine poured out every tear-stained word: "Well, Jessie and his wife, Ethel, move often and don't have a telephone. Some two years ago, I moved to Lancaster fro Columbus, and went straight to my brother's trailer to see Charlie and his siblings. When I arrived, all the other children were there, but Charlie. When I asked about him, Jessie told me Charlie was living in Michigan with Ethel's sister. When I asked for the phone number and address, Jessie got mad and walked away.
"Jessie's explanation quenched my wondering for awhile. But, each time I visited, he and Ethel refused to talk about Charlie. None of the family mentioned his name. When I suggested we visit Charlie, Jessie refused . . . like the child never existed. This made me suspicious. But I never believed he was dead," she explained.
"I got your statement. I'll check it out," the sheriff promised.