Hello everyone,

I will be enjoying the day with my relatives at my sister's home. I just wanted to leave you with a poem or two for your enjoyment. These poems I will be posting throughout the day, are from my poetry collection, Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between, which is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/147837022x

I wish you all a great Easter.

Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between is a poetry collection that provides a glimpse into the heart, mind and soul, of its author. It is a heartwarming read, written with love and respect for others. Some poems were written in times of sorrow, other poems were written in times of joyous celebration. Life if like that.

That shallow stream we once knew.
Is now the victim of late unused.
Its once glimmering waters held,
childhood joys and life abound.
The bottom full of sand and mud,
became victim to the sun-dried dust.
Once gleaming sprouting green,
surrounded its banks as high as knees.
Then Mother Nature swallowed her whole,
leaving nothing behind to serve or please.
Now one’s feet shall wade no more.
Where once sweet water ran swift and clean.
No longer quenches thirsty deer and boar.
So when one comes back to see,
the place where fish swam and jumped,
finds only sorrow instead of glee.
In joyous thoughts of yesteryear,
memories hold tight to what was dear.
Like gazing in an ageless mirror,
a withered stream can be no more.

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