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Liam Rossi runs a tight cruise ship. Love isnít an option for the hunky bachelor, a shipís officer whose career comes first. When a merry widow with bed-me blue eyes comes aboard for a singlesí cruise, Liam struggles to guard his heart.

Bedding Evangeline Spencer is one thing, but falling for her means heíll be the next man overboard.

Evangeline Spencer has been alone long enough. Her body is ripe for a sensual romp, and her heart is open for love, so she books a cruise to the Caribbean in search of Mr. Right. Thereís just one thing standing in her way Ė Mr. Wrong!

Scruffy, smokiní-hot shipís engineer, Liam Rossi, is happy to share some sexy-time with Evangeline, but he canít give her more. And while Evie searches for the man of her dreams, the man in her bed is making her toss her own plans overboard!

**Please note this is an erotic romance and contains sexually explicit language, scenes and themes that make it suitable for the category of Erotica - Enjoy! (This is a short novel)

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