Welcome to my thread for my new non-fiction writing gig with Seduced Sex Toys! SST is a sex toys company in the U. K. I will have a new article out every two weeks. Keep an eye here for the latest links.

My first article is about The Art Of Foreplay. Here's an excerpt:

Foreplay doesn't have to be a lost art. Remember back in high school when you could make out for hours on the couch or in the car without so much as a finger getting inside either one of you? You were so hot when making out you could have been the first authentic case of spontaneous human combustion! And your partner was so inflamed with passion he or she could have exploded.

Think outside the box - pun intended. Did you know that the largest human organ is the skin? Take advantage of that knowledge and touch yourself and your sweetie's erogenous zones, but do it when you aren't supposed to do it, like give your sweetie a wet kiss in a crowd or place a hand on his or her bum whilst waiting for the tube. Give that cheek a squeeze! Sex is just as much preparation as it is action. You can spend all day working each other up to a frenzy, and you'll reap the benefits later with the most monumental orgasms.
Enjoy the article!