Want to learn how to give your sweetie a proper massage? Read my article at Seduced Sex Toys!
Here's an excerpt:

First, set the mood. Choose soft, gentle music to soothe your sweetie's tired soul. Ambient and instrumental music work best for massage. Death Metal is not appropriate for obvious reasons! Place towels on the spot on the bed (or other location) where you're going to give the massage. This is to keep the massage oil from staining the comforter and sheets. Use massage oil or cream. Don't skimp. You want to apply it liberally so you don't have drag when you're giving your massage.

When giving a massage, you want to be firm but not too hard. You don't want to hurt your sweetie, and you don't want to tire out. You want to feel the muscle move underneath your hands. Work slowly, using your finger pads, palms, thumbs, or heel of your hand.

There are a few rules about giving massages: Avoid bones and joints so that you don't injure your sweetie. Never push on the spine, and be careful around the ribs and shoulder blades. Watch knees, elbows, and shoulders, all locations where there are joints. You certainly don't want to dislocate a limb or otherwise harm your sweetie!
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