“The Truth Behind the Lies,” is due out in 2014 by Melange Books but also available through Amazon books as a print or kindle ebook. It is a novella along with two other novella’s entitled “To Solve His Mother’s Murder,” a crime/mystery, and “The Tarot Card Murders,” a crime/detective story.
TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES-word count 27, 930

Thirty-five year old bachelor and handsomely dangerous Police Inspector Ian Christian is sent to his birth place, Norfolk Island, Australia, to investigate the homicide of thirty-seven year old American Man-eater Ruthie Geil. A woman who gave everyone who encountered her a reason to kill her.
Little did Ian know, the victim’s ghost is haunting the Island and seeking revenge on those she believed wronged her. Ian falls for the victim’s sister Rosa, who is seemingly nothing like Ruthie.
With a lengthy suspect list which includes Ian’s relatives and boyhood pals, his valor and morality are tested to the breaking point. Between finding the killer and the supernatural happenings plaguing the Island, Ian encounters treacherous situations, blackmail, a government cover-up, lust, lies, manipulation, and more murders.
Solving Ruthie’s murder will prove heartbreaking for Ian, but is the only solution to restore Island peace, and lay the Norfolk Ghost to rest, once and for all.


A silly rock did split my toe.
I blasted everything from wind and air.
It bleed like the dickens.
Causing me to limp from here to there.
It took awhile. I must be true.
For my flesh to ease and mend like new.
I kept it wrapped.
Like the mummy in the tomb.
Now I walk with gently ease.
Like the lynx stalking its meat.
Everything was grandioso.
Until I tripped and split it again.