Now I am going to post blurbs from my fantasy anthology “Loves’, Myths’, and Monsters.” It is due out in March 2014 by Melange Books also.
LOVE’S CURSE-word count 8,153 
After an Egypt love curse scroll is stolen from the office of a college professor, persons begin dying in bizarre and grisly ways in a small college town, with the murders jokingly blamed on the college mascot, a Viking statue. Who the real killer is, stuns everyone.

In this bleak life of mine,
I walk the dark alleys of broken dreams.
A darkened corridor of lost tomorrows,
within a collage of unraveled seams.
My life simmered like a bad stew.
Hidden within a clutter of tear stained cheeks.
Living in darkness, an unbridled soul.
Torn between life and death, my future seemed bleak.
Despair cowered behind my eyes.
Once beautiful, I was left aged and alone.
Reflections in my sea of tears,
reminded me I was forgotten and solitary.
Stumbling over common life hurdles,
like a babe learning to crawl.
Losing everything to my lustful addictions,
of fear, failure, and shame.
Lost control of what was mine.
That poison controlled me for a while.
It felt bad and made me cry.
As emotional pain went on for miles.
I found courage with family and friends.
No more shadows, cold or rain.
The venom that once ruled my life,
is a faded memory I achieved through strife.

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