EXCERPT CHAPTER 10-A reprisal of Vernon James’s arrest reveals the rabid response as well as the polarizing of, the local citizenry, and it shows the position of the sheriff, who lost control of the case.
Christmas and the New Year holidays spice up the season, but the murders are on everyone’s tongue…leaving a bad taste. This is truly a year to be remembered. Hoods and goons target both Jackie and Harmon. As a result, Harmon challenges the sheriff as the force behind all their personal attacks.

I’m too short for the runway,
and too heavy for the track.
I like my TV. and junk food,
what’s so wrong with that.
My hair is too curly,
and my smile to small.
But our God made me this way,
all in all.
To whom it may concern.
My spirit is strong and my soul is deep.
I like cold beer and pizza,
and movies that make me weep.
I love you all dearly.
So please let me be me.

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