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What beauty is annihilation?

A mere uniqueness of a feeling.
Rendering such chaos,
makes even death seem more graceful.
We are the curious creatures,
wanting all and nothing.

Our wants are our nourishment.
Needs that sustain, control and destroy us.
Our silent, but self appointed creators.

Little more then owners, masters and dictators.
Disenchanted, they scoff at their slothful human result.

Rendering us the will to be both productive and destructive.
Our first breath, may be the start of our end.

Fascinated by love-hypnotized by our egos,

we live and die in the box we call life.
This perfect imperfection, called humanity.

An experience born of beauty and destruction.

A fearful and intricate weaving of life.

Taking without sharing or giving,

like the selfish husband to his submissive wife.

My head fills with nonsense.
Clouding my vision of reality.

As dumb as a newborn,

or love without romance.

A optimistic fool I am,
thinking they like me.
Not for my uniqueness, but
for what I perceive to be.
It is time, and I am pleased.
Until my joy fades like smoke.

I failed to excite or appease.

For their mastered kindness was merely a cruel joke.
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