Regan Taylor's Traveling Bride: Book 3 of the Bride Series

Assigned to ACT, a special task force investigating the possibilities of time travel to avert future crimes and perhaps set right those that happened in the past, federal agent Samantha “Sami” Pettis seriously abides by the tenants of keeping a low profile never, ever interacting with the locals.

When a suspected terrorist hijacks Sami's ride in time, and ends up back in 1861, Sami follows him back without question. Arriving in 1861 she is confronted by questions that were never answered in her ACT training.

Happy-go-lucky Sheriff Rick Hansen has stood by and watched two of his best friends marry the women of their
dreams. He laughed at their foibles and despite their happiness, Rick kept his vow of never walking down the bridal path. Then came the fateful day while riding the range he caught site of a strange bolt of lightning. When the dust
cleared he saw a woman—the beautiful woman he knew he’d wanted for a lifetime.

Can a modern-day "all business" federal agent find happiness living in 1861 with a by-the-book Sheriff? Can a man from the past accept the way a woman from the present lives her life? Or will time and distance keep true love apart?

Book 3 of the The Bride series

Awe-Struck Publishing