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The road seemed endless,
with each step they took.
Weighed down by their gear,
emotions and fear.
They walked on every so fast.
Knowing each step might be their last.
The rain poured and the sun beat down.
As each side’s casualty became a mass.
Sounds of guns echoed all around.
As refuge became weeds and tall grass.
Each soldiers level of honor and courage was found.
As they fought bravely alongside the screams and death sounds.
While evils of man lingered amongst fields of rice,
devastation reigned in a land once called paradise.
Something evil stirs in my town.
A growing unrest.
A defiant unease, a growing anxiety.
Moving ever so softly, like whispers on the wind.

This thing comes swiftly.
No warning-as silent as breath.
Drenched in malice, it nears.
A friend to chaos, sloth and death.

So quick-a malignant mass.
Leaving behind the useless and morally dead.
So forceful, that many become chaff.
Consuming everything within my town.

It fed well-as always.
Until the next time-devouring all.
Slipping into homes, like fog on the bay.
Youthful disenchantment suffocates all.

Beware the beast is red as fire.
A mass of hate and poison.
Our dictators battle the war with little success,
for the King and his court, squabble like school boys.
Only harmony will sooth the beast.
A legion of unity, to succeed is needed.
Something evil stirs.
I am ready-standing tall and strong.

I draw strength from within.
Honor rules my mind.
Courage stirs my desire to win.
For the beast is-procrastination.
You clutch him tight before you shake his hand.
Neither know what to say, as he boards that plane.

You look at him long and hard, cause he may be gone for quite awhile.
You tell him you love him, then give him a big brave smile.

You’re dying inside, but try to hide,
your pain and anguish as you release mournful sighs.
You remember him as a child.
The sound of his laughter seemed to go on for miles.
You pray God hears you and sends him home.
So you wont live your golden years alone.
You stand alone, not knowing what to do.
Should you be happy that his dreams of being a soldier came true?
You already miss him, and you’re not even home.
‘Cause you’ve waited, yet dreaded this day for so long.
Your nights are full of dreams of his new life.
His choice of passion and dedication no matter the strife.
You wait for that dreadful letter day after day.
But nothing in the mail suggests he’s not okay.

You hold up your head to all your friends.
Letting them know, your son is your hero from beginning to end.
He‘s not just a soldier, but a man through and through.
‘Cause he fights in honor of the red, white, and blue.
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