The title says "Tell us about you", so here goes. My name is David O Smith. I'm English and live in the West Midlands with my wife and dog. I've been lots of things in my life - waiter, kitchen hand, bus driver, taxi driver, most recently driving instructor. For a lot of my working life, though I was a unix (computers) consultant, working all over Europe.

These days I'm riddled with arthritis, so I can't work which leaves me lots of time to do the two things I most love - reading and writing. I've written stories since I was ... well, I can't remember when I didn't write stories. I do remember writing one when I was about 8 which was posted on the wall of my classroom.

These days I write fantasy with a touch of romance in it under my own name. I've indie published one novel - "The Gate of the Year" after having a wall full of rejections. I've also started writing romance novels which I hope to indie publish under the name "Fern Gilbert", a female author's name seeming de rigeur for the genre.

I'm looking forward to interracting with folks here and exchanging ideas as well as getting help with publicity.

Cheers for now,