Hello, fellow writers,

Hope this is the correct place to post this. If not, my apologies

I've just come across Tim Waterstone's "Read Petite" scheme where he plans to publish books in episodes, sort of like magazine serialisation. But he's only planning to publish work by established writers.

It made me think, though.
My wife says she doesn't have a great attention span and being faced with a whole book, in any form, daunts her.
So I wondered if anyone out there would be interested in a novel being published chapter by chapter, say, one chapter a week.
I've not thought of what format to publish in - perhaps PDF attached to an email would be a good starter. Wouldn't, at this point, know how to epublish just a chapter and send it out. Don't know that people would want the chore of receiving a chapter in, say, epub format, and having to load that into some sort of eReader. Might be a bit techie for a lot of people.

But what do you think?

Would there be a market for this? Either charged at a little per chapter or charged for the whole book up front. First chapter would be free so readers could decide whether they wanted to continue with it or not.

Let me know what you think about this, please?